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48 Hours in Porto

Ah Porto, a city often overlooked by its famous...

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Travel With Pip started through writing up tips and stories about my little weekends away, then longer road trips around Europe and finally destinations far away from home. Recently though I started a trip that has been on my mind for some time – Central and South America.

Delve into my recent blogs about this incredible area of the world or take a look into the archives for other wonders and start planning that adventure.

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Hola, I’m Pip, but you can call me Pippa, author of Travel With Pip. I’m a twenty something (just) travel addict, surprised?

I had just kicked off my most exciting trip yet, I brought a one way ticket to Mexico. With the aim to travel through Central America and into South America to quench my thirst to see, hear, smell and touch all things Hispanic.

However after 4 months, my trip came to an abrupt pause in Ecuador, Covid 19…

Itinerary Mexico Coba

Where In The World Have I Been?

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We all know that photographs are the one piece of media that can inspire a person in a matter of seconds. Here are a few of my favourite photographs from my recent trip to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Colombia and Ecuador.