Beautiful Brazil | More Than Just Football


Yes, we know everyone is talking about Brazil  and it probably has enough coverage already but why not embrace this country, it’s so huge that a football stadium seems like a mere coconut on a palm tree – insignificant amongst the rest.

If it is Rio that attracts you then why not see it from above, at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. One of Rio’s most important natural and historic landmarks. Made from granite and quartz, its monolithic appearance is like something out of ‘Space Odyssey 2001’ looming over Guanabara Bay at 396 meters high. Accessibility is easy with the newly rebuilt cable car, which starts from the base at Praia Vermelha and stops at the summit of Morro da Urca. On this plateau lies an amphitheatre, restaurants and shops. You then need to get a second cable car up to the summit of the mountain where you will experience the most spectacular panoramic views of Rio! A pure treat!

Bahia: Brazil’s Beautiful Beaches.

If you need some peace and tranqulility, Brazil has the best answer for this as well. Say hello to the province of Bahia, it’s capaital being Salvador, situated 1,011 miles North of Brazil, (that’s only a 23 hour drive). I’m amazed at the sheer size of Brazil,  the furthest distance you can drive  in the UK (Land’s end to John o’ Groats is only a 14 hour drive). Bahia is merely a strip of sleepy fishing villages on the endless 1,000km coastlines. Most of the beaches are pure bliss and crystal clear waters, many of them are wild, empty and dessert island like. However if you do seek the attention of other people then there are surfing villages, candy coloured colonial towns  and chic beach bars where you can mingle with the locals, tourists like yourself or even the rich and famous.