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Seville | Five Unmissable Things To Do

Seville was named one of the Best in Travel Cities in 2018. This was for various reasons, one of them being that the city is full of stunning architecture and cultural legacy. If you want to wander through a city full of citrus perfumed squares, colourful architectural streets and grand city parks then Seville is the one for you. A weekend break is an ideal opportunity for you to get a glimpse of Andalusian life. Here are the five things you could do on a weekend in Seville:

Balcony in Santa Cruz Barrio

1. Day Trip to Ronda

Whilst Seville is an incredible city don’t forget that it is also conveniently located in Andalusia. Allowing day trips to other surrounding towns such as Cadiz, Cordoba and Ronda. A perfect alternative to do on your weekend. There was no choice when it came to choosing where we should go. With one of the most beautiful bull rings in Spain and it’s jaw dropping bridge. With a journey time of under two hours, what better way to travel to Ronda than on local bus. Plodding through the dense traffic in Seville out into the open fields. Winding up mountain roads watching the trees change from tropical palms to mountain firs.

Mirador de Ronda:

From the bus station it’s a short walk into town. Your first stop should be the mirador with it’s beautiful panoramic views out onto the mountainous landscape.


Ronda’s bullring is one of the most well known in Spain. This petite stone built bullring is home to the Rondeno style of bullfighting. Where matadors fight on the ground and not on horse. You can tour the bullring visiting the bull pens, the horses stables and training grounds. As well as being able to walk through the route that the bulls take from their pens to the ring.

Puente Nuevo: 

One of the main reasons why people want to visit Ronda is to see the bridge. To peer down into the deep gorge and watch the birds swooping down below your feet. The bridge connects the new town to the old town. Make sure you walk across to the old town and find the path that winds down the side of the gorge. From here, you can see the bridge from beneath to catch it in all it’s glory.

Bullring Entry Cost: 6.50 euros pp
Bus Ticket: 24 euros return pp


Panoramic view in Ronda
Bull Pens
Bullring in Ronda
Puente Nuevo in Ronda

2. Real Alcazar de Sevilla

Now you’re back in Seville and it’s time to explore the real historic roots of this city. The best place to do this is in the Real Alcazar de Sevilla. A walled compound in which the amalgamation of cultures is shown within it’s walls, gardens and palaces starting from Arabic through to Baroque. Here you will experience the magic of walking into courtyard gardens, filled with orange trees and palaces with walls lined with mosaic tiles. Make sure you allow yourself half a day here or more as there is plenty to see inside the palaces and outside in the vast gardens as well.

Ticket: 9:50 euro pp

Real Alcazar de Sevilla
Gardens inside the Real Alcazar
More gardens in the Real Alcazar

3. Plaza de Espana

Another top attraction to see during your weekend break should be the Plaza de Espana. A stunning bit of architecture which can be appreciated by anyone. The Plaza de Espana is a semi circular structure surrounded by a moat and decorated with 48 pavilions. Each dedicated to a province of Spain and decorated in illustrated ceramic tiles. On one of the many warm sunny days this is where you can go and sit to people watch. Occasionally you may also find a group of musicians and flamenco dancers performing for the public.

If you are planning on visiting here after the Alcazar then make sure you walk up Calle San Fernando – a pedestrianised road with various cafes, shops and the Tobacco Factory.

Plaza de Espana
Flamenco in Plaza de Espana

4. Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol or the mushroom (las setas) as it’s locally known in Seville, is another top attraction to visit when in the city. It’s essentially a modern viewpoint but it serves many purposes including an archaeological museum in the basement and an open air concert space. It’s well worth a visit to get amazing views of the city sky line. A visit here can be done one morning or late afternoon. It’s fairly centrally located so you can easily walk here whilst exploring the rest of the city.

Ticket: 3 euros pp

Skyline views from Metropol Parasol

5. Eat Tapas!

You cannot expect to visit Seville the ‘capital of tapas’ and not start your evening without visiting a bar for a cerveza and a tapa! The best place to start your tapas trail is in the barrio de Santa Cruz, where tapas bars are conveniently located in clusters along the maze like cobbled streets.

The barrio de Santa Cruz is also an ideal location to stay in during your weekend break as it is the heart of Seville. Although beware that this comes with a noise caution during the early hours of the morning – it would seem to be that the Spanish never sleep, winter or summer!

Other things to do on your weekend break:

Flamenco Show
Aire de Sevilla – Arab Baths
Torro de Oro
Tabacco Factory
Day trip to Cordoba
Day trip to Jerez