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Menorca | Holiday Tips South East

A few weeks ago I visited this island which I often call a home away from home. I had returned ‘home’ after visiting alternative summer destinations for the last year. I can safely say I missed you! My heart skipped a beat as I saw the island from the airplane window. I felt a smile spread across my face. The South Eastern corner of this petite island has to be one of my favourite areas, so here are some helpful tips to help you plan your holiday in Menorca.

Es Calo Blanc

This is possibly one of the smallest beaches you will find on the island. You could easily miss this beach unless you spot the beach sign displaying it’s name. The water is shallow and drops out gradually making it ideal for a swim on a hot day. The little spit of a beach gets crowded during the summer. So unless you visit the island in shoulder season, around June or September, you may find it hard to find a rock to perch on. There are no amenities here it is just pure sand, sea and rocks. As well as the odd overhead plane as the beach is located right under the landing path.


Located about 2 minutes up the road from Es Calo Blanc. Park up in the free car parking and wander down to this slightly bigger and wider beach. The beach is surrounded on either side by pine trees which is very common on the island. Make sure to bring your own supply of food and drink. The waters here are perfectly clear, as they are protected on either side by the rocks, which form the cove’s shaping. Making this a perfect beach for paddling and families.

Binibequer Vell

This has to be one of my favourite places to visit on the island. I never get bored of seeing village. The main attraction is the maze of stunning white washed houses. Get lost down the tiny cobbled paths or creep around corners trying to find your way out of this tiny maze. After wandering the ‘streets’ you can find plenty of bars and restaurants to stop and refresh your palate.

Binibequer Beach

If you are looking for a more substantial but delicate beach to visit whilst in the area then this is the beach for you. A couple of minutes drive down the coast you will find Binibequer beach. It has easy access parking in the car park on the road side. Find yourself wandering down the sandy path under the pine trees which whisper in the light wind to the white sand that covers this family friendly cove. Here you will find amenities here like pedalo’s, a lifeguard and the prettiest beach bar on the island.


I was very excited to go back here this summer as I remembered visiting here as a child. I’ve forever had an image in my head of this place. To get here you can either drive towards San Lluis or you will have to drive inland from Punta Prima as the coastal road goes no further. It’s a tiny fishing village but filled with masses of character, it is located next to S’Algar another popular tourist destination.

Parking is a slight annoyance and it is probably easier just to park wherever you see a spot. Walk through the village down to the beach. The beach itself is small and will be crowed in the summer. Locals tend to use the stoney platform area to the left of the beach to gain more space, and no doubt escape the tourists! The cove itself is quite long and therefore the shallows are perfect for children, and good for snorkelling further out. One side of the beach is still natural and totally undeveloped. The Cami de Cavils run through this side of the village. There’s a gat at the back of the beach if you fancy a walk.

Cala de Sant Esteve

This was a new discovery for me. Although there is not much here apart from the residents, it is still worth a visit. Unfortunately do not expect to find any bars to stop off in for a mid-walk refreshment. Therefore the only alternative is to have a dip in the sea, you’ll find locals doing the same, so give them a smile. The Cami de Cavalls also runs quickly through this village on one side and out the other heading slightly inland. To get to Cala de Sant Esteve you will need to drive towards Mahon and Es Castell and keep on going towards the ruins of the Castillo de San Felipe which is also a popular historical attraction if you are interested in the island’s history.

El Calo Blanc
Binibequer Vell
Inside the mini maze!
Traditional fishing house
Cala de Sant Esteve