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Just How Expensive Is Iceland?

4 Night Trip – October 2017

The words Iceland and expensive seem to go hand in hand and if you’re thinking about going to Iceland then you have probably already had about five people say to you ‘oh takes lots of money…’ but just how expensive is Iceland?

Iceland is well known for being a highly priced destination, if you do decide to go you need to accept the fact that you will spend more than the usual european destinations – but trust me when I say it’s worth it.

Like all trips you can often spend as much or as little as you wish, it depends on what type of holiday you are looking for. Whether you are on a once in a lifetime trip and want to do as many activities and tours as you can or on a long weekend wanting to get a taste of a city or country and just scratching the surface to find out if you like it – knowing you will go back and explore further.

Some prices you cannot control like flights and hotels, but your activities, transport and food you can – and I don’t mean starving yourself, although in some of Iceland’s restaurants you might quite happily starve after looking at the menu.

Road Trip!


Dependent on when you book and when you plan to fly. We travelled in October, a good autumnal shoulder month to travel in with good driving conditions, no snow on the roads but beautiful morning sunrises.

£203pp – We booked through Expedia and got our flight and first hotel together, our flight was with WOW Air outbound @ 11:40 and inbound @ 15:50 from LGW. Then we picked our 1st hotel which was at the stunning Frost and Fire Hotel.

(Note the flight only comes with a small free handbag, so we paid an extra £37pp (£74 in total for x1 suitcase) for a checked in suitcase which we shared).


£103 (£51.50pp) per night – Hotel Number 1 Frost and Fire – This hotel did include breakfast in the morning.

£224.00 (£112pp in total) – Hotel Number 2 Icelander Klaustur Hotel – We stayed in a Twin Room without breakfast for 2 nights.

£114 per night (£57pp) – Hotel Number 3 Fosshotel Raudara Reykjavik – We stayed in a Double Room with breakfast for 1 night.


£194 in total (£97pp) – Blue Car Rental for 5 days – We wanted a car as we were doing our own road trip – which is a great alternative to staying in one hotel and doing daily tours. The cost included adding an extra driver and included the insurances on the car. We took our own sat nav and saved money paying additional costs.

Morning Sunrise….

Daily Costs:

Day 1: 

404ISK pp (£2.95) – Snack, on our way to our hotel we stopped off at a supermarket which is a great cheaper option.

1,850ISK pp (£13.60pp) – Dinner was at a pizzeria in the town, we shared one large pizza, a portion of chips and a can of drink each. Sharing is a good way to reduce the costs and don’t worry it was enough food for the both of us!

Day 2:

Breakfast at the Hotel and we made some lunch from the breakfast buffet to take with us.

2,000ISK (£14.70) – Petrol. Note you need to go in and purchase a petrol card before filling up.

3,000ISK (£22.00) – FREE PETROL, yes some friendly man in the car rental place gave us a petrol card he hadn’t quite used up!

700ISK (£5.14) – Parking at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.

540ISK pp (£4.00) – Dinner, okay so tonight’s dinner is not glamorous but we really weren’t fussed we had one of those famous petrol station hotdogs.

220ISK pp (£1.60) – Dessert of course, a delicious yogurt. This was fine for us but I know this isn’t to everyones taste.

Day 3:

355ISK  pp(£2.60) – Breakfast we brought ourselves some porridge from the supermarket the day before.

500ISK pp (£3.68) – Lunch at Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

300ISK pp (£2.20) – Snacks from supermarket

3,000ISK (£22.00) – Petrol

3,450ISK pp (£25.34) – Dinner at our hotel, we had a lovely pasta dish, drink each and a hot chocolate.

Day 4:

3000ISK – (£22.00) – Petrol

625ISK pp (£4.60) – Lunch was one of those tasty hotdogs whilst on the road.

2,800ISK pp (£20.55) – Dinner in Reykjavik, traditional soup in bread and beer.

2,350ISK pp (£17.25) – Cocktail at the sky bar in the city.

Day 5:

£55.00pp – Blue Lagoon Pre Paid.

400ISK pp (£2.93) – Lunch on the road.

2,000ISK (£14.70) – Petrol

When in Iceland…visit all the waterfalls

Cost Totals:

Flight – £103pp and £37pp for suitcase = £140pp

Hotels – £220.50pp

Car – £97pp

Petrol Total – 10,000ISK (£74 in total and £37pp)

Food Total –  11,444ISK (£84pp)

Activities Total – £55pp

Thingvellir National Park – Free

Geysir- Free

Gulfoss Waterfall – Free

Seljalandsfoss – Free

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon – Free

Diamond Beach – Free

Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon – Free

Fjadrargljufur Canyon – Free

Lava Fields – Free

Reynisfjara Beach – Free

DC Plane – Free

Skogafoss – Free

Seljavallalaug Pool – Free

Misc Total – 3,050ISK (£22.40pp)

Airport Parking LGW – £19.80pp

Grand Total – £675.80pp