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Menorca | 10 Things To Do In Cala’n Porter

Menorca is one of those places that I will never get bored of visiting. It holds a little piece of my heart and will do forever. The island has a strange effect on people that visit. Either you visit once and you have your holiday and think ‘yeh it was hot…where’s next’. Or you cannot get enough of the island and simply can’t stop returning. Retiring to discover more unique corners of this tiny but truly stunning island. And so 27 years later I want to tell you about one of my favourite villages Cala’n Porter.

Cala’n Porter is on the South East coast of the island and is a great base for exploring. Plus if you stay in the village, you have the advantage of having one of the best beaches on your holiday doorstep. If you are searching the internet for Cala’n Porter I would assume you have already chosen to holiday in Cala;n Porter or still deciding whether to go. So I’ve put together some of my favourite things to do in the village.

10 Things You Might Just Want To Do In Cala’n Porter:

1. Ensaïmada’s

Start your day with a morning walk to one of the local supermarkets and grab yourself an Ensaïmada for breakfast. A traditional pastry from the neighbouring island Mallorca. Tear up into pieces and add the slightest bit of butter to each piece for a real treat!

2. Beach Time

Visit the beach – it is a sandy family friendly beach and thanks to its huge bay the waters are shallow and perfect for children or those timid swimmers. Snorkelling is also a possibility along the edges of the bay. Pedals, kayaks and SUP are also available for hire.

3. Take a Walk

It is near on impossible to get lost in the village, so take a walk and explore the main hub of the village. Then take a stroll along the cliff tops and enjoy the views.

4. Cami de Cavalls

If you are the more adventurous type then the Cami del Cavalls is for you. A well known trail that you can walk or cycle that runs along the whole coast of the island. Marked in stages by wooden posts that indicate where and what stage you are at. Towards the outskirts of the village near the old football pitch you will find a gate that leads you into the wilderness and onto the path. The trail to Cales Coves is a good distance to go and will take you about 40 minutes to get there and the cove itself is beautiful, a popular destination for boats to anchor. There are countless books for sale in the supermarket if you are interested in discovering more about the trails.

5. Watch the Sunset

Once back from your adventurous walk or from sun bathing at the beach a popular thing to do is to go and watch the sunset at Cova de’n Xoroi. A cave carved inwards with various drinks terraces. Where else would you want to watch the sun set over the sea?

6. Drink some Cocktails

After dinner at one of the many restaurants to chose from you must go and enjoy a cocktail at the only cocktail bar in the village – Aloha. It is the only cocktail bar because it is the best. Be prepared for some seriously strong cocktails, and you pay for the strength of alcohol you receive. It is a popular after dinner spot for the Spanish as well as the tourists.

7. Partytime!

If you are a night owl then head to Ayashe Bar for drinks, then head back to Cova de’n Xoroi anytime from midnight onwards as this cave turns into one amazingly beautiful nightclub. Cova de’n Xoroi has been transformed into a lavish nightclub for all ages from those young’uns to the mature clubber.

8. Wake up Early

Don’t forget to experience some early mornings whilst in Cala’n Porter as the morning sun is one of the most inviting things on your skin. On the other hand, stargazing great on a summer’s night. You might be lucky enough to see shooting stars or watch a circling thunderstorm from your rooftop.

9. Experience a Fiesta

If you are in Cala’n Porter during mid September then you will probably hear a lot of noise.Tthe last fiesta on the island is held in Cala’n Porter and you should experience it if you can. The atmosphere and liveliness of Spanish fiestas is something to be admired. I’ve never been there at this time but I have been to Sant Climent and Mahon fiestas, which are fantastic. The Jaleo is always a highlight of any Menorquin fiesta, even more so if you are a horse lover. You are probably safest watching from a distance if you have never experienced the Jaleo before. It can get a little crazy in the middle of the scrum with some people steadying the horse up on its hind legs so they can touch its heart for good luck.

10. Just go and see for yourself!