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How to Travel 1,829 Miles Through Colombia | Travel Costs

Now you may not be expecting this kind of post as it’s slightly different to what I normally write about but hey who says you can’t post something a little alternative to the norm! It’s good to test out new things, right? Plus I put a lot of time into creating this infographic so it deserved to be posted for you all to read. Hence this very short and hopefully helpful post on the true travel costs of travelling through Colombia.

By the way, you’ve chosen to visit the most wonderful and stunning country – enjoy every minute.

Infographic Explained

The true costs (taken in January 2020) of travelling from North Colombia to South are right here! I have taken the time to record each and every journey we took and how many kilometres they were, along with, of course, how much each journey cost us individually. With the hope to show you what it really costs to travel through Colombia – not much! These comprise of a mixture of journeys including when we decided to take easier but more expensive options and equally the cheaper and much longer (and crazy) bus rides. Hands up – we didn’t always opt for the cheap backpacker option…for your sanity, sometimes you just need to pay more.

In England, if I’m lucky I could probably travel to London about 4 times with roughly the equivalent amount of money, £154 approx, that I had spent in Colombia. Compared to spending the same amount on travelling the whole length of Colombia. For obvious reasons and maybe this isn’t the most accurate comparison but I know where I would rather spend my cash.

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