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Why Visit Gdansk for a Weekend?

Poland has never really been on my radar, mainly because I wasn’t sure what it had to offer. Truthfully I’ve never taken the time to research it. However we were in need an destination idea for a long weekend. With flights coming to £50 RTN each, accommodation at about £35 each for 3 nights. I quickly began to reconsider my thoughts about this country…

Long Lane Gdansk

After a bit of googling. I soon found out a few things to do on our weekend in Gdansk:

  • Cheap alcohol and a variety of bars
  • Cheap food  and cake
  • Zero degrees temperature (end of March)
  • Gnomes
  • A pirate ship that sails along the river
  • A street full of shops selling amber jewellery
  • A historic look at the past of Gdansk especially ‘Long Lane’ where 90% of the buildings were destroyed during WWII

Whilst we did see all these things and more. We primarily concentrated on the food and drink. Mainly because it was so cold we needed to dive into cafes for cake and coffee during the day. During the evenings we needed a layer of alcohol to even be able to step outside our apartment! Therefore, I can give you a first-hand list of what cafe’s and bars you should visit in weekend in Gdansk. Especially during the colder months:-


  • Drunkarnia – cafe along the amber jewellery street, they do some good vegan friendly cakes.
  • Dobra Kawa – is a bit of a walk from the main streets (Long Lane), but a good pit-stop if you are talking a wander around. Very good hummus here!
  • Original Burger – is a must do for lunch or dinner, very good burgers mixed with the restaurant’s funky interior design.
  • Pikawa – cafe with cake and coffee what more could you want…
  • 18 Poludnik – this cafe is located in the proper old town so about a 15 minute walk from Long Lane. The Pierogi (Polish dumplings) are very good and you can choose between savoury or sweet.
  • Para Bar – potato restaurant which you must go to! Although the menu is all in Polish, so you have to work a bit for your food. It’s so tasty on a cold day!
Head start on translating the menu for Pyra Bar…


  • Bunkier – nightclub, an old WWII bunker with 5 floors filled with various bars and dance floors. Entrance was 20zln so worth a visit if you fancy a late night.
  • Red Light Bar – not as the name suggests…
  • Flisak ’76 – this is a really nice bar, it’s entrance is on the street but the bar is underground, here you can get quirky cocktails and experimental shots. We asked for a fruity shot and the barman delivered – it tasted amazing!
  • High 5 – this is the Hilton Hotel roof top bar, which would be lovely in the summer with it’s views over the river.
  • Ink Above – another roof top bar.
  • Lumi – shot bar down Beer Street, really small inside, it’s a walk in order, drink and go kind of place, but their shot menu is huge.
  • Pub Polskie – this bar is about 5 mins away from the main part of town but you can request and watch films here whilst you drink.
  • Coolture – a burger place (Jesc Burger) during the day but we got drawn in by the loud music playing on Friday night, located near the ferris wheel.
  • Hard Rock Cafe – self explanatory, Hard Rock cocktails but with a slightly more appealing Polish price tag.


…It may look like we ate and drank a lot – and we did! But it was so good knowing that you could go out and eat, drink and have a good night on about £20.

Lumi Shot Bar Menu

We did manage to head back to the apartment earlyish on Friday night so we could join a free walking tour at 10:30am. This took us around the main town’s sights and gave us some historical background. I love doing free walking tours, as I feel like the guide is really passionate about their hometown. It’s a really good way to get your bearings of a place early on. Although by the end of the 2.5hrs my toes were numb and I was in desperate need of liquid warmth and some cake…of course.


All in all Gdansk is a great destination to pick if you don’t want to have such a hectic sightseeing schedule. Plus great if you prefer to indulge in eating good food and tasting Polish Vodka.

Gdansk Sign
Gdansk Architecture
Motlawa River
Maraca Street (Amber Street)